Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well once again I am reminded why I don't ever blog. Somthing always goes wrong. Well here are some New pictures of the boys, in no particular order. My sister Traci has somehow gotten Ronan to pose for her.

Crew and Ronan with their 3 D glasses

Hendrix after Church one sunday.

Ronan on his Birthday! 4 years old already.

Hendrix and his cousin Kami.

The boys with their uncle Trevik freezing to death trying to see the goose he had shot.

Ronan, Hendrix, Crew, and Sawyer.

Hendrix just being cute.

The whole fam together on Christmas.

More of Ronan's B-day


Jamie Jo said...

I thought my computer was malfunctioning when my bloglist showed you'd just posted!!! I'm glad you're back. Don't make us wait so long next time to see your darling family. I can't believe how big your boys are!

Annie said...

I so agree with Jamie! The boys are darling.

Syd n Adam said...

YES!! I've missed those faces! The pic of Hendrix just being cute took me off gaurd...he is getting so big I thought it was Crew for a minute. Miss you guys!

Derik & Jamie Page said...

Ween, I am so glad that you posted!!! I love your boys they are so darn cute.