Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well once again I am reminded why I don't ever blog. Somthing always goes wrong. Well here are some New pictures of the boys, in no particular order. My sister Traci has somehow gotten Ronan to pose for her.

Crew and Ronan with their 3 D glasses

Hendrix after Church one sunday.

Ronan on his Birthday! 4 years old already.

Hendrix and his cousin Kami.

The boys with their uncle Trevik freezing to death trying to see the goose he had shot.

Ronan, Hendrix, Crew, and Sawyer.

Hendrix just being cute.

The whole fam together on Christmas.

More of Ronan's B-day

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Girls Weekend(plus Adam) With No Kids!

I was Lucky enough to get to go to Utah with Janet last weekend and I had so much fun I don't know where to start! We got there just after 4 pm, Sydney had just gotten off work and met us at Yvonne's. We started out the night by having a little tennis lesson from Von, who is surprisingly really good. And I think I am safe to say that we all loved it and wish we could actually learn to play someday. That made us hungry so we ate at Rumbie Grill and headed to the mall for a little shopping. Syd and I went to XXI and I got a couple of really good purchases I think. I'll have to take pictures and put those up in another post. We got back and played phase 10 and Von's.
We then woke up and headed for Timp Caves which was quite the hike but was worth it to go through the caves. Here are several pictures from that little excursion.
This picture is of all of us. Yvonne is on the far left, then there's me, Janet, Sydney, and Adam.

Here's us at Rod works getting a few things for around the house.

This was my first time going to IKEA. What a store!
You gotta love Tai Pan, we all got something from there.

This is at the Provo Temple that we walked around while we waited to go eat at the MTC.

We were lucky and got to go to Church at the MTC. Yvonne's husband is a Branch President over a Spanish Branch. We then went to the Spoken word and to RS. It was fun to see were all my brothers and husband have been and will be. We ate at the cafeteria and the food was actually pretty good. We all over did it when we went through the ice cream bar.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well here's another batch of random pictures of my always dirty kids.
This one is the boys with their favorite uncle Tate on the 4-Wheeler.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ronan found uncle Trevik's duck call and carried it around for a couple days. Riding horses is one thing that Crew just loves!

Crew found Jacobie's beads a he wouldn't let anyone touch them for a couple weeks!
Jacobie, uncle Tate, and Ronan after playing in the water.

Well I am over 2 months late posting these, but here are pictures of Hendrix on his 1st birthday! We loved being home in Idaho so that we could have a lot of family there to celebrate with us. He wasn't afraid to dig right in and start stuffing his face with his cake. This picture is taken when everyone is singing Happy Birthday to him. I just love the look on his face.

Our little Hendrix, what can I say he's a cutie.

Ronan's lips were torched after a few days of being out in the sun all day, something that didn't happen in vegas because of the heat. It didn't help that he was always picking at them.